Our most popular Homecoming and Prom item is the Cuff Bracelet. We can accent these one of a kind jewels with rhinestones, beads, ribbon, glitter, and fabric rosettes. They are all custom made to match your particular gown. We have even taken the hem of a gown and made rosettes from it to match a unique color.  Starting price is $30.00.

Our Newest Item is the Pearl Bracelet. They come in a white pearl, Ivory pearl, and a few other colors like lavender, pink and black. Give us a call to check out what colors are in stock. We have roses and orchids available in this type of design. Again check for what’s in stock or call early for special orders. I’m sure we can accommodate your request. Starting price is $25.00.

Another of our favorites is the Rhinestone Bracelet. These little beauty’s come in an array of colors also. We have clear, iridescent, lavender, black, pink, and green in stock. Please call for any other colors. Starting price is $28.00.


This corsage is the traditional wrist corsage that you have most likely seen at other florists.

It has an elastic band with or without lace around the bottom of the flowers. They usually have roses and baby’s breath or some other filler with the bow in the middle. If you are not sure what the girl will like this one is your safest bet. Starting price is $28.00.


These, of course, are for your Gentlemen ladies. We offer a few different kinds of boutonnières. The most common is a single rose, traditionally in red or white.

Most girls tend to want the flower to match the color of their gown. However, sometimes this is a challenge seeing as these beautiful creatures only grow in certain colors. Therefore we can add ribbon or and accent flower to achieve the look you are going for.

We also carry a variety of flowers that are suitable for your guy. Freesia is a nice fragrant one, and orchids add a nice touch. A single rose along with rolled petals is a step above the traditional. Please call for special orders. Starting price is $7.00.