Items To Consider When Planning


Our normal delivery service includes three stops:

  1.  One delivery to the ceremony. Usually two and half-hours prior to the start of the ceremony. This, of course, will depend on what time your photographer wants to start.
  2. One delivery to the reception. This is generally one to two hours prior to the start of the ceremony. We place arrangements appropriately assuming the facility has their table linens in place.
  3.  One Breakdown trip. This will be to pick up any and all of our rental items. If you wish for us to pick up any of your items we will need a list ahead of time and a number to reach someone to get them back to you.

Since it is not an option for you to pick up your wedding flowers we do not charge for these stops. We have the means and capability to haul flowers and we want to ensure the safe delivery of your wedding flowers.
Many ceremonies and reception sites have decorating and/or floral restrictions. At the time of your initial consultation, please be familiar with any restrictions or requirements your site may have.

Thank you in advance for selecting Fresh Attitudes to be a part of your special day. We feel that each bride is an individual, thus each wedding is designed and treated in such a manner as to make your wedding a beautiful and unforgettable occasion!